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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Why Organic Produce?

With so much publicity about the benefits of organic produce, I though I would add my two cents on the matter. Just to avoid confusion, I am not referring to the government's standards on "certified organic". I believe organic means locally grown by responsible stewards of the land that avoid the use of artificial herbicides, pesticides, etc.

Organic Produce Tastes Better

This is the best reason. When produce is locally grown you get it only hours from when it is picked. This means that tomatoes are picked red, cucumbers are crisp, and your carrots still have a little dirt on them. In my 15 years of experience with the Southeast Idaho Farmers' Market ( ) I have seen hundreds of repeat customers who won't buy anywhere else because it just tastes better.

Organic Produce Is Healthier

I acknowledge that there is a lot of material out there that both sides of this argument will use to support their point. However, I base my opinion on the fact that people born in the early part of the 20th century, who grew up on farms the better part of their lives, and had access to the improved medical care of the late 20th century continue to amaze me with their longevity and quality of life. I know there are probably examples the other way, but I think they had something right and science will continue to support that.

Final Thoughts

In short, I hope that consumers will be willing to go to their local farmers' markets or roadside vegetable stand to get locally grown, organic produce. If you grow organic produce and are interested in how to successfully market your products direct to consumers, bookmark this blog and keep reading in the coming weeks as I post a series of articles on improving sales and building a strong customer base for organic produce.