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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Farmers' Market Diversity

This post is directed to the farmers' market as a whole, though the principles can also be applied to an individual vendor.

Getting Traffic

For a farmers' market to succeed, the key element is to get traffic. You have to get people to come out and see what the vendors have to offer. Of course you can advertise more, but that is an expensive option that most farmers' markets don't have the luxury of using. The easier way...

Increasing Product Diversity

An easier and cheaper way to increase the traffic at your farmers' market is to increase the product offering. This can be accomplished by either bringing in new vendors with new products or getting existing vendors to bring more product variety.

The reason that product diversity can increase traffic without the additional cost is because there are many people who know about the farmers' market buy don't come because what they are looking for isn't there. When they become aware of the new products they will come out and be in a position to buy the many other products that were always available. This means that sales will increase by the amount of new products sold, but also more existing products will be sold because of impulse purchases.

So increasing product diversity is not only good for the new vendors you bring into the market, but also for the existing vendors because more people are seeing their goods and when more people see the product more people buy the product. So look for new products and increase product diversity

PS Try to send roses from a farmer's market. Locally grown cut flowers are likely to last longer since they don't spend as much time in transportation.