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Friday, March 24, 2006

Your purpose as a salesperson

Probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a salesperson is that pushy used-car salesperson. With the negative connotation often attributed to salespeople, I want to lay that aside for this discussion.

Who is a salesperson?

The quick answer is that you are. Because you are directly selling your products to consumers, that makes you a salesperson. Of course, you may also be the grower, owner, and worker, but you are also a salesperson.

Your purpose

The purpose of a salesperson, as we can figure out from the name, is to make sales. However, this should not be the only purpose. As a salesperson your customer comes to you with one of two problems.

1. They have a need.

2. They lack information.

Most customers fit into these two categories if you break the situation down to its most basic elements. Your purpose as a salesperson is to solve their problem. If you have the solution for sale at your booth, you will make a sale. If you have the information they are asking for, you will start a valuable relationship that could lead to sales. So what do you do if you don't have the solution or the information?

You help them get it somewhere else. I'm sure you've seen The Miracle on 34th Street where Santa sends the lady to a competitor for a toy and she becomes a loyal customer. This is extreme and overdramatized, but the idea is correct. People go to a salesperson to solve a problem. If you make sure they always get the solution, they'll keep coming to you. "So what?" you may say.


As long as consumers are coming to you for solutions to their problems, you are first in line to solve that problem. If you have the product they need you simply make the sale. However, as you see common problems come up over and over again that you DON'T have the solution for, you will become aware of opportunities for growth. You then put yourself in a position to solve their problem. So, in summary, your purpose as a salesperson is to solve problems. As you embrace this idea you will make sales, create relationships, and discover opportunities.