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Friday, May 11, 2012

The Benefits Of Buying Locally Grown Food At A Farmers Market

Supermarkets are packed with busy shoppers and giant, squeaky carts that push you aside to get what they want.  Skip the supermarket to shop local for these great reasons. Give something back while getting lots in return.

Organically Grown

Locally grown foods are much more likely to be grown organically. What does this mean for you? It means that the food is grown with far less poisons and pesticides that go into your body through ingestion. You can live a healthier, fuller, longer life by buying and eating organic produce and grains.

Support The Local Economy

When you shop local, much of that money you spend stays within the economy, whereas when you shop at a chain store with its headquarters elsewhere, much of that money goes somewhere else. Support your local economy to support your family, your community, your friends, and your own life.

When your economy is doing well this raises property prices, which makes your property of higher worth. This means that people have to pay more to live there, and thus you tend to have less crime and more good. Schools in good neighborhoods have better programs and better teachers because they offer more compensation. You can have less crime by having a better economy, so shop local to keep it strong.

Try New Products

When you shop among all kinds of items thrown together in the same venue, you are forced to see the possibilities. This is a great thing! Maybe you have never tried kale or other kinds of vegetables, but have seen it listed among the ingredients in recipes you have browsed. Now is your chance to try new things. Sample whipped honey or homemade breads or salsas.

Friendly, Personalized Service

Get advice from sellers about their products. Learn about how things are grown, and get a sample of interesting, new foods rather than having to guess about the growing conditions of questionable products. When you shop at a farmer’s market, you make friends who see again and again. You meet the food makers and see their goods in their raw form, before a packaging process hides them from what they truly are. You get real food from real people.

It’s Fun!

Grocery shopping can become much more fun than bothersome when you shop at a farmer’s market. For example, the Vail Farmers' Market in Colorado is known to have some of best corn on the cob vendors. Turn your chores into a fair. Bring the kids, talk to community members, and try new things to add a little spice to each week. In Vail you can even try out the Teva mountain games for added fun. You’ll be sure to get a kick out of the festivities, which often include live music, and find new family food favorites.