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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Direct Marketing via the Internet

Today I start a new day job where I will be working on the marketing for an internet business. I believe that the internet holds huge potential for small marketers and that potential can be tapped by average people who want to market their product to a larger audience. Since most farmers and organic produce growers don't typically venture into marketing or the internet, I think this series of posts will be helpful for those adventurous souls who want to give the internet a try, but don't know how.

Getting Started

The first step in establishing an internet presence is to get a domain. This is the website name and address, like Domains names can be purchased for as little as $2.95 a year if you just want to "reserve" the name. If you actually want to have a website, you will need to purchase hosting from a company. Hosting means they store your information and send that information to anyone who types in your website address. Hosting fees start at around $90 a year and I have a link to one of my favorites,, just to the right of this post. Once you have a domain name and hosting services you are ready to make your website. My next entry will talk about the different options available to you for developing your site.