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Monday, December 05, 2005

Organic Vegetable Gardening

I will be entirely honest by stating up front that I am not a USDA "Certified Organic" vegetable gardener. This isn't because I don't believe in growing organic vegetables, but because I don't believe that the government needs to oversee everything that a vegetable grower is doing and what they advertise.

Why Practice Organic Vegetable Gardening?

I believe that by growing vegetables in conditions that most closely approximate the actual, natural growing conditions improves the quality of the vegetables. I don't have any scientific data to support this, but I believe the following points to be true of vegetables grown in the organic garden:

1.) Organic and naturally grown produce is free of substances that even arouse suspicion of causing cancer or other diseases believed to come from unnatural agents. Thus, organic gardening gives peace of mind.

2.) Gardens raised using natural gardening techniques maintain a balance with the environment that allows for consistent, sustainable yields of organic vegetables. One day the grocery store won't have a produce section with every vegetable imaginable available any time of year.

3.) Organic and naturally grown vegetables have a superior taste. This is very subjective, but I believe it justifiable if only because organic vegetables are allowed to mature and ripen in the garden, on the vine. The nature of handling produce for sale at big stores just isn't the way it comes from the garden


My last point I want to make is simply that human beings have a responsibility to care for the land we use. This responsibility isn't the government's or the EPA's, but is a responsibility that lies with each individual. How much better would this world be if 6 billion little things were done to help the land and environment every day. That is just one little thing per person, per day.

P.S. For my definition of "organic" see my post titled "The True Intent of Organic Produce".